Is it being born, growing, completing high school, then secondary education, then becoming graduate and get a job, and if something left, then get a higher degree and again hustle for a job, and then find one life partner.. and then die growing old.

If it’s not this then what is it…

I am still in the midst of finding the answer.

Let me start with my story, to explain what is life till now according to my perspective…

I completed my high school education from a very small town, then came out to the city for further education leaving my parents, my family. Coming out of a small town and getting settled in a bigger city was a little difficult for me. Everything was new for me, the lifestyle, culture and facing people with different mindsets was quite tough.

I started living independently and alone for 11 years approx. During all this independence and liberty I did so many mistakes and learnt from them. I met new people, made friends, faced betrayals, learnt from them. Being from a small town, I was the kind of girl who trusts people easily and sometimes falls in love easily too. All this time, I lost so many friends and my closed ones, some because of my mistakes and some because of theirs. I know I should not blame anyone for this. Whatever happens to us, we are the only one responsible for those things.

All this while, I learnt I grow as a person. I am the kind of person who selflessly helps people when they are in need. Whenever I make friends, I make them for real from genuine heart, I trust them. While making friends, I never see the negative side of theirs. I am a very sensitive person, even a small betrayal touches me deep down and hurts me.

Coming to the US for my higher studies, leaving my closed ones behind in my home country was the biggest decision of my life, as I am attached to my closed ones a lot. Sometimes I feel, coming here and living my life of dreams, changed me deep down. When I came here I realised I am a different person from what I was in my home country. I felt I am stronger than before. Coming here made me realise who are your true friends, who care you. Surrounded by people most of the times in my home country and doing things and giving them love and care made me thought they are my real friends. But someone said it right that whatever we see and feel is not always right.

Whenever I make any relationship, I do it with sincerity and honesty. I feel bad whenever I don’t get it in return. For me, professional and personal, both are completely different aspects of life. If you lose a job, you might get one afterwards but when you lose your closed ones you might not get them back, hence, we should not take relationships for granted.

We should learn how to manage our relationships with our career priorities. If the roots of the relationship are stronger, distance won’t matter. Physical distance never changes the feelings for someone you adore. Even if you are busy, you can find the time for them to talk and make them feel that you are there for them. It feels awesome if there is someone for you to encourage and push forward in this tough journey full of up and downs when you are feeling low and hustling to fulfil your dreams.

You never get a thing, you want easily. You always have to fight for it and earn it. Be it a small toy or dress you saw one day at a store or your love for someone or a job you want for fulfilling your desire. Always respect a person if that person admires you and doing something for you even if he is far away from you physically. Never take anything for granted.

For me, Life is a battle, in which, every day you have to fight for something you want. It is not like if you sit idle and wait for your desire to fulfil and it will someday. To get something, you have to put efforts to make it happen. To live the life of your dreams, you have to move and do something. Believe it, if you try your best, the universe will make it happen, Life is short, so make your every day count. Make mistakes and learn from them, this will help you grow as a better person.

Life is not about being practical in every situation and doing actions according to consequences which we even don’t know if they will happen. You will never know what the future might bring to you, then why to worry about such things. Live in a moment. If missing someone, call and let them know that you are missing them. If want to travel, pack your bags and go somewhere. Don’t crib about anything and never regret. Give your best in every situation and let it flow because not everything will happen according to your way. Never give up and fight with every obstacle that comes in between fulfilling your desire be it a relationship, career or family.

Life is not just about becoming successful and earning a lot of money. It is just a mere part of your life which helps you in fulfilling your other desires in some way. Never think that you are born on this planet to become the CEO of some company. You are here to be a better human being, who grows and help others grow in their journey.

Live your life as if its the next chapter of your book. Never change yourself because of your past, but yes learn from your mistakes and don’t repeat them. Always be your true self. Never be scared because of your past.

I still don’t know if it's my correct answer about what is life. But yes, this is my perspective about life according to the life I have lived these 25 years. I am still learning and evolving.

Hope you like it.. and good luck with your journey!!! :) :D

Syracuse University Grad//Klokwork Shop Management SE Intern/ iOS Developer @Roundglass Curofy ..// IIIT Allahabad UnderGrad// Believe in learning and growing..

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