Do you really love your Parents?

I know that whomsoever is reading my article would answer “Yes, I love my parents”. But lets talk about asking the same question to yourself in an elaborate manner, i.e., do you really love them, or to what extent you can go if something happens to them or they fall ill or if something comes up and they call you for help or suggestion? Have you ever realized the impact of your answers to their questions?

When somebody asks us this question, we generally answer them “Yes, I love them”, but never think about the profound meaning hidden behind this answer. Loving someone is not just an emotion, its a gesture of doing something for the person you love or you can go to the very extent of helping them.

There are certain people I met told me that their parents’ illness caused them trouble because they were unable to manage their personal and professional life simultaneously. They think of it as a burden rather than their responsibility. I agree its a big responsibility but at the same time you should think that you are here in this Universe just because of them.

So let me tell you a small incident that happened with me a few months back.

One day my mother called me and told me that my father was sick and was suffering through a serious disease. I straight away packed my bags and left for his hometown where he was undergoing treatment. I reached there and it was shattering to see him in that condition. His condition was critical. He was bed-ridden at that time. He was very weak due to sodium deficiency. In addition to this, he had kidney infection, diabetes, and low BP. I calmed my mother and rushed him to a good hospital. We tried our best and did everything we could do. My parents were my sole responsibility at that time. I left everything else.

Day and night I roamed in the markets to buy things for my parents, including my father’s medicines. I consulted with several doctors about my father’s condition to ensure a speedy recovery. Those were the days when I was scolded from doctors too for not taking his health seriously. My father was in a condition, where a little bit of carelessness on our part could have led him to the stage of comma.

Those were the days when I heard him saying “Mein Pagal ho gaya hoo kya, muje kya ho gaya hai (“Have I gone mad , what exactly has happened to me”) as he was not in his right mind due to sodium deficiency. I felt like crying at that point. He even took sleeping pills as he was not able to sleep due to stress. Those sleeping pills made him unconscious too at times.

There was a time in this situation when I had a complete breakdown and felt hopeless. But my determination to make him better again gave me strength to gather myself and try again. By the grace of God now he is ok, he is going to his work daily also. No matter what, I didn’t lose hope and never stopped putting my best efforts into it. Because at that point of time, I realized that my parents are the only people in my life who’ve always loved me and helped me become the person I am today.

Those days made me stronger to deal with other problems also and taught me a lesson:

“Once we are determined to achieve something, nothing can stop us to achieve it. We should always give our best no matter whatever it is.”

By this story I want to convey that no matter whatever problem comes in our way we should never lose hope. See, nothing is eternal, but there are certain people who are more important than anything else like your parents, so don’t give up on them.
Problems come and go, its life that never stops. You may lose your job sometimes or you may lose all your money but you can earn all that back with time. But don’t be frugal when it comes to your loved ones, your family.

Your parents taught you to cross roads by holding your hand. Now when it is your turn to, don’t leave them in middle of the road. Trust me, one is never too busy to not be able to give some time to their family.

This blog of mine is for all those people who think its a burden or it is a trouble taking care of their parents (specially when parents are struggling with their bad times of life).

Syracuse University Grad//Klokwork Shop Management SE Intern/ iOS Developer @Roundglass Curofy ..// IIIT Allahabad UnderGrad// Believe in learning and growing..

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