Be yourself, enjoy being with yourself…

Being single in your life is not a bad thing. When you are single you get to learn more about yourself and your emotions. Women who are single are not dependent on boys for their happiness. They love being with themselves.

Women who are single, maybe they are single for their whole life, maybe their ‘ex’ had abandoned them and nothing turned serious after them, maybe something happened with them in the past which made them learnt that being alone is better than being in a relationship, or maybe they just need a break from the dating world because they got overwhelmed.

There are women who are single for their large gap of times and they end up happiest because,

Because they enjoy their solitude and comfortable with who they are,
They can spend a night alone and not get lonely. They can go shopping by themselves or they can have lunch at a restaurant without feeling awkward or uncomfortable that they don’t have company. Actually, they love being alone and taking themselves to dates.

They have all the time in the world to act selfish and focus on themselves,
They know what they want and what is important to them, so they go for it. Even if they don’t, they learn from their mistakes and can handle themselves to rise up and shine. They are the go-getters of the world, both passionate and devoted.

They take the time out for their hobbies and spend the time in learning new things. They are not scared of risks. They don’t care about being judged. They don’t depend on agreement from others for their own decisions.

Love is not the sole purpose of their life,
Their purpose in life is nothing to do with finding boyfriends. They don’t chase after guys, they chase after their dreams and the future they are striving to build for themselves.

They enjoy being single. The idea that they may never get married doesn’t scare them. They live happily in their small world. They don’t care about pleasing others and taking care of others.

But when they do meet someone and decide to be in relationship, it is going to be someone who will challenge them and push them forward. Someone who has her back while encouraging her to go and conquer the world. Someone who is proud and happy for her success.

Someone who stands by her always in terms of support in achieving her dreams or hold her hand throughout the life no matter whatever difficulties hinders them in moving forward together. Someone who finds it appealing that she doesn’t sacrifice her plans for him and be with her always no matter how far away they are physically.

Someone who finds a strong single reason to stay with you always, out of all negative situations when you faced while being in a relationship. Someone who don’t give excuses to stay away from you no matter how worsen it gets because you guys will overcome every negative aspect when you both are together to make your bond stronger forever.

These girls are strong individuals. They never lose themselves in process of loving someone. They won’t minimize their morals , hopes, or dreams to match those of their partner’s.
They are independent and they do not sacrifice their dreams for others instead they encourage others in achieving their own too. They knew that the guy whosoever comes in their life will gonna stay with them and stand by her no matter whatever the consequences. So they never stop themselves from moving forward..

So to all the girls who are single, remember you are not alone. In the midst of your single life, stay optimistic, chase your dreams, learn about yourself and your emotions, love yourself and enjoy your company. One day you will definitely get the one who will love you from the bottom of his heart, help you in chasing your dreams, push you forward and stand by you no matter what.

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