To start working with Twitter APIs, you need to have a twitter developer account and an app in this account. So, if you guys don’t have one, start with creating one.

You can refer to below article for help,

Now, moving back to our topic…

Twitter provides Standard, Premium and…

Is it being born, growing, completing high school, then secondary education, then becoming graduate and get a job, and if something left, then get a higher degree and again hustle for a job, and then find one life partner.. and then die growing old.

If it’s not this then what…

I know that whomsoever is reading my article would answer “Yes, I love my parents”. But lets talk about asking the same question to yourself in an elaborate manner, i.e., do you really love them, or to what extent you can go if something happens to them or they fall…

I am confused if I am torn inside.
I am confused if I am happy or unhappy.
I am confused about whats happening.
I am confused if everything is alright.
I am confused if I am going on right track.
I am confused about what to do or what not to do.
I am confused if…

Prathma Rastogi

Syracuse University Grad//Klokwork Shop Management SE Intern/ iOS Developer @Roundglass Curofy ..// IIIT Allahabad UnderGrad// Believe in learning and growing..

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