An EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) instance is nothing but virtual server in Amazon Web Services. Its a web service that provides secure, resizable computing capacity in a cloud.

Steps to follow to deploy the backend application:

Step 1: Create basic Spring Boot Application with REST API endpoint

Open it using IntelliJ or Eclipse, and write the required code for creating REST API endpoint.

You can test the application using basic…

To start working with Twitter APIs, you need to have a twitter developer account and an app in this account. So, if you guys don’t have one, start with creating one.

You can refer to below article for help,

Now, moving back to our topic…

Twitter provides Standard, Premium and Enterprise edition for its APIs to extract the tweets data. Standard APIs are free and generally slow as compared to Premium and Enterprise.

Once you create Twitter Developer account, Twitter provides limited access of Premium API to you on Sandbox Environment.

There are two Premium Twitter Search APIs available: full-archive…

Is it being born, growing, completing high school, then secondary education, then becoming graduate and get a job, and if something left, then get a higher degree and again hustle for a job, and then find one life partner.. and then die growing old.

If it’s not this then what is it…

I am still in the midst of finding the answer.

Let me start with my story, to explain what is life till now according to my perspective…

I completed my high school education from a very small town, then came out to the city for further education leaving…

Hi all, you must have listened to notification sounds whenever notification pops up in your phone. You must have listened to different sounds corresponding to different apps. If you have ever thought of doing the same for your app then its the right article for you.

Here, I am going to help you with how to add different sound other than default sound for your app’s local notifications.

Step 1

Your custom sound file should not be of more than 30 seconds according to Apple standards.

You need mp3, wav, or m4r file of your app notification sound. …

According to the ancient discoveries and researches, biologists hold that our mental and emotional world is governed by biochemical mechanisms shaped by millions of years of evolution. Like all other mental states like anger etc. , our subjective well-being is not determined by external parameters like salary, social relations or political rights. Instead, it is determined by complex systems of nerves and neurons and various biochemical substances like serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin.

Nobody is never made happy by winning the lottery, getting a promotion or even finding true love. People are made happy by only one thing, that is, pleasant…

Being single in your life is not a bad thing. When you are single you get to learn more about yourself and your emotions. Women who are single are not dependent on boys for their happiness. They love being with themselves.

Women who are single, maybe they are single for their whole life, maybe their ‘ex’ had abandoned them and nothing turned serious after them, maybe something happened with them in the past which made them learnt that being alone is better than being in a relationship, or maybe they just need a break from the dating world because they…

So what is framework?
A framework is a modular and reusable set of code that is used as the building blocks of higher-level pieces of software.
It is a bundle (Directory structure) that contains shared libraries as well as sub directories of headers and other resources. However Frameworks can include the following,

Why do we use it?
The best reason to use framework is that it can be built once and be reused an infinite number of times!

If you want to…

I know that whomsoever is reading my article would answer “Yes, I love my parents”. But lets talk about asking the same question to yourself in an elaborate manner, i.e., do you really love them, or to what extent you can go if something happens to them or they fall ill or if something comes up and they call you for help or suggestion? Have you ever realized the impact of your answers to their questions?

When somebody asks us this question, we generally answer them “Yes, I love them”, but never think about the profound meaning hidden behind this…

As we all know that we are social animals and to communicate our view points, our feelings or our opinions, we naturally seek out people or groups with same belonging or thinking as of us.
A person can have the two aspects of identities, one which has own individual’s perspective and the other which he can get from his social group, that is, the people with whom he spend his maximum time. There is a natural dichotomy between the two sides of one’s personality that is usually displayed between different types of social groups with which an individual can identify…

I am confused if I am torn inside.
I am confused if I am happy or unhappy.
I am confused about whats happening.
I am confused if everything is alright.
I am confused if I am going on right track.
I am confused about what to do or what not to do.
I am confused if I can triumph in this rat race.
I am confused if I am thinking right.
But I am confused between what is right and what is wrong.

I am confused about my thoughts.
I am confused if everything around me is real.
I am confused about…

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